Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Special prayers for Kayley...

Kayley has had chronic nosebleeds for years and years and when I mean nosebleeds I mean alot of blood...so we took her to our family doctor and he could'nt figure out why she keeps getting them. He even put silver nitrate in her nose right after a bleed and claims that will stop them but it doesn't. She has had them at school at nite in her sleep anywhere anytime. I know she gets so tired of worrying about it always having to be prepared just in case. So we thought it was time to see an Ear, Nose and Throat doc. He exaimed her nose and said she had the beginnings of a devated septum but they don't fix that till she's older. Still that shouldn't be causing all the nose bleeds maybe it's allergies then he asked me if she ever had a strawberry birth mark on her head or face area. And she had one on her forehead when she was a baby. So now he wants to do a CAT scan of her head just to see whats going on and to see if he can tell why her nose keeps bleeding. I hope he finds nothing but at the same time I hope he can give her some answers and help her with this...I know it gets on her nerves and mine but most of all I want my baby healthy and happy.

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