Thursday, May 13, 2010

Summer is coming!!! School is almost out.....Yay!!

Less than 3 wks. to go! Freedom!! Cody has some upcoming events with school that I have such great memories of..Field Day,Park day, Ist grade program and closing ceremonies of baseball summer is on its way!!! He and Kayley both still have several games left like tonite I haft to be at 2 games at once Kayley having a make up game and Cody is having a regular the same time across the street from each other! Yay! But its almost over then we won't know what to do. They will be bored...If Tony is still working in Louisana will go stay with him a while and make sure the hotel pool is working! Mini vacation. And we miss ya Tony!! I hate that he has to go out of town so much but you take such great care of us and provide for your family your the best!

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