Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Where did summer go??

I can not believe the kiddos start school next week! This summer has flown by...fast! I think I'm ready..till all the homework begins. Kayley will be in the 6th grade and Cody will be in 2nd. They are growing up way to fast!! I hope they have a really good school year. Last year was not the best but I have faith that this year will be better. I hope. They have had a great summer but Tony has been gone for most of it. We went and stayed a couple of weeks with him in Louisana that was fun great shopping too. I think we are going down there this weekend one last time before school starts. It's so hard not having him here but you do what ya gotta do..right? We miss him soooo much! We begin Kayley's orthodontic treatments tom. she will be getting something called a crib that sits on the roof of her mouth to keep her from pushing out her teeth. She has to wear that for 12 to 18 months and then she will get her braces. She is so ready to get started I am too can't wait to she her new beautiful smile when it's all over with. She is a little worried about the pain but I've told her it will be so worth it. We are taking her to Dr. Lorentz in Corinth I have heard nothing but great things about his work. Hope everything goes well and it's not to uncomfortable. I can't imgaine having something in the roof of my mouth for over a year...but she'll be fine. I'm going to take pictures along the way so we can see how she changes the Dr. said she will look totally different her jaw line will change and the shape of her face will change she'll be even more beautiful than she already is. My hope is if we can get started now she won't be in braces her whole high school life and maybe have them off before her senior year..senior year..oh my lord!!!

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