Wednesday, December 2, 2009

One More Time..

We're moving..again! But this time I think we are really looking forward to doing it. We are moving back into our house in Iuka!! Finally no renters! We've been cleaning and painting getting it ready for us. Hope to move alot this weekend. I HATE moving but we are really excited about moving HOME. Iuka is home we haven't been able to live in our house for so long..Kayley can hardly remember living there and Cody doesn't at all. Looking forward to getting everything done and getting our tree up in OUR house this year. The kids are so happy to be living in Iuka hope they adjust well..they will I hope this is it for a very long long time..done with moving.  Had a great Thanksgiving ate too much didn't go shopping been to busy working on the house I'm ready to try and get in the Christmas spirit just not feeling it yet just got so much going on maybe once we get the tree up that will help:)

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  1. I'm glad you guys are getting to get closer to family! Hoping the move goes well!!