Tuesday, January 5, 2010

New beginnings...

Kayley and Cody will be going to a new school tom...so nervous for them but I know they will do just fine. Oh I wish I could take their place and make the world perfect for them but I can't. Cody is the shy one so I know tom. will be hard for him while Kayley is the outgoing one and she'll have new best friends by the end of the day. They are like night and day that's what makes me love them so much!! I am so thankful to have such sweet good kids! We are truly beginning to feel at home. Ready to get a routine going. No more moving for a very long, long time I hope. Time for the kids to put roots down and to begin life time friendships. My goal for this year is of course to be a better wife, mother, christian, daughter and friend. I want to reconnect in ways I haven't in a very long time. So easy to get caught up in every day life that we let our relationships with people fade. I want to be closer to Jesus. Be a better friend. And listen! Take more time for myself so I can be a better wife and mother. Lately I feel I have failed in that department. I want to spend more time with family and friends old and new! Counting the days till my baby brother comes home from Iraq! What a homecoming! I guess you could say we've had a homecoming too and it has been great! 2010 is going to be a wonderful year...haft to believe..right?  I do believe and hope God will continue to bless us this year as he always does...Happy New Year and Happy new beginnings!!

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