Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Loving our weather!

We have had such beautiful weather lately! On Friday since the kids were out out of school we went to Tishomingo State Park to play, walk some trails, and my favorite take pics of the kids. Wish I was better at it but I love trying not so sure the kids like it so much, but oh well. I packed a picnic lunch we had a really good day. My brother gets married next weekend on the beach...CANNOT WAIT!! So ready to get out of town for a few days and see the ocean and of course lots of pics on the beach. I've been wanting to get family pics of us on the beach for a long time now. Thinking about what we could wear maybe all white I think that would be so pretty I love seeing girls or even little boys dressed in white walking along the beach. Ready to enjoy some fresh seafood too!

1 comment:

  1. Love the pics...beautiful scenery! Can't wait to see the beach pics :)