Wednesday, April 7, 2010

On the hunt....

We had such a beautiful day Sunday hunting eggs, spending time with family, eating candy! The kids had such a good time. We went to my parent's church Sunday morning and had a hunt right after church. Tony has been out of town working now for 2 weeks so he missed Easter this year I'm soooo thankful for his job but at the same time it's hard on all of us. We just keep praying that hopefully some day soon he'll get to work close to home and be home everyday. Ball practice and games have started and they need their dad. I can take them and encourage them all day long but I don't know anything about baseball and softball plus it's not them same if he's not there. Ok enough of that I could go on all day about that subject!! I think he's going to try and surprise Cody and make it to his first game Thursday nite hope it works out so he can. He's been asking all week if daddy can make it he's so nervous...breaks my heart...but I'm going to think positive and good thoughts:)

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